A collection of experimental web-controlled SPIKE Prime projects.

Project: Display Text

Description: A simple demonstration of web-based remote control of the SPIKE Prime.

Remote InterfaceSPIKE Control Interface
Display Text SPIKE Control
(no build necessary)

Project: Motor Control Challenge

Description: Change the motor speed to try and stop the pointer straight up!

Remote InterfaceSPIKE Control Interface
Motor Control Challenge SPIKE Control
(SPIKE build instructions)

Project: LED Matching Challenge

Description: Toggle the SPIKE Prime LEDs to try and match the pattern!

Remote InterfaceSPIKE Control Interface
LED Matching Challenge SPIKE Control
(no build necessary)

Project: Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Description: A browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SPIKE Prime.

Remote InterfaceSPIKE Control Interface
Browser-based Web IDE SPIKE Control
(SPIKE build depends on code)

Project: Marble Maze

Description: Control the maze to navigate the marble to the finish.

Remote InterfaceSPIKE Control Interface
Marble Maze Control SPIKE Control
(requires access to Marble Maze build)

Project: Two-Player Rock-Paper-Scissors

Description: Two remote players, each with a SPIKE Prime, play Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Note: this requires two SPIKE Primes

Player 1 InterfacePlayer 2 Interface
Player 1
(Motor: Port A, Force Sensor: Port B)
Player 2
(Motor: Port A, Force Sensor: Port B)

Coming Soon: Draw My Face

A work in progress... Stay tuned!

Project and Documentation created by Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach:

For more information about Tufts CEEO, please visit: http://ceeo.tufts.edu

For other experimental projects from Tufts CEEO: CEEO Innovations

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